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Cost remains barrier to health insurance

Health Insurance is an important subject to me personally. Prior to getting married in 2006, I was with VHAP, and it was truly a blessing. After getting married, all of a sudden our combined income level wasn't "low enough" for the program.

While working on our taxes this year, I discovered that I'd spent over $2,000 in 2008... for prescriptions alone! So I decided to try applying with the state again.

I am happy to say that I am now covered with the Catamount program, so my health costs are significantly less. However, my husband still doesn't have health insurance because we can barely afford my premium alone.

VPR reports that costs are still the main reason some Vermonters don't have health insurance, even with the state's programs.

From VPR (Vermont Public Radio)
Wednesday July 8, 2009
John Dillon
Montpelier, VT

(Host) More people have health coverage in Vermont as the state has rolled out new programs aimed at covering the uninsured.

But a new survey shows that cost remains a major barrier, despite state subsidies of insurance premiums.

VPR's John Dillon has more

Hundreds express outrage at ATV proposal

"More than a thousand Vermonters, many of them expressing outrage, wrote the Agency of Natural Resources in June to oppose construction of all-terrain-vehicle connector trails on state land."

View the full article here: Hundreds express outrage at ATV proposal

What are your thoughts on this proposal?

The Vermont Video Resume Project

Started last week on Twitter by Joe Mescher of Burlington, it looks like the Vermont Video Resume Project is off to a good start!

What is the Vermont Video Resume Project?

Many Vermonters who without jobs are finding it difficult to obtain new employment right now. The Vermont Video Resume Project is developing a way that lets social media help unemployed Vermonters by "providing a Web Video Resume to every unemployed Vermonter who wants one."

What better way to stand-out among the many applicants than with a Web Video Resume? The goal of the Project is to help unemployed Vermonters use Social Media Technology in their search for a new job.

"Whether you are a video expert with advice to share, an unemployed individual who signs up for a video resume, or just a concerned citizen helping to spread the word, you play a critical part in the success of this project."

Please support this cause to help fellow Vermonters! Submit the form at to inquire about a video resume, volunteer to help the project, or to share tips and advice.